What is a NILS Loan?

A NILS loan is a loan with no interest and no fees for the purchase of essential goods and services. The loans are for amounts up to $2000

NILS loans can be used to buy things like fridges or new tyres for your car or to pay for services like dental work. You cannot used a NILS loan to purchase a car or to pay for things like rent or bills. You can find out more information on the NILS website or give us a call on 08 85224522 or email the nils team on nilsofficer@ucaregawler.org.au



How to Apply

NILS loan applications are completed in person with one of our loan officers.

NILS applications are by appointment only. To book an appointment, drop into the office or give us a call on 8522 4522. You will need to bring some documents to your appointment, including proof of ID, proof of address, and quotes for what you want the loan for. For more information on what to bring to an appointment, please contact the office.

Enquiry form for NILS